Garrett GT38R Turbo - 99.5-03 Power Stroke

Garrett GT38R Turbo - 99.5-03 Power Stroke
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  • Item #: GTP38R
  • Manufacturer: Garrett
  • Model Years: 1999.5 - 2003 7.3L Power Stroke
  • Includes the Garrett Exclusive Ball Bearing Cartridge for Unbeatable Response, Efficiency, and Durability. Eliminating the Thrust Bearing reduces failures at Elevated Boost Level.
  • The 88mm GT Compressor Wheel Provides 33% More Flow than the Stock 80mm Wheel. Ported Shroud Housing Improves Compressor Flow Range for Surge Control.
  • Maximum Recommended Boost Level is 40psi
  • 1.00 A/R Turbine Housing for Free Flowing Exhaust with Reduced Back Pressure and up to 200° F Reduction in Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Comes with 4" Adapter Hose
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Price $1,749.00
Sale Price $1,408.99

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